History - 29/04/13 retour actualités

  • 1993 Creation of the company by researchers in Science and Engineering of Surfaces.
  • 1996 In the dynamic of its development of activities in surface treatment and opening to new sectors, Biophy Research is established in Marseille.
  • 1999 Following the quality insurance strategy for its partners , Biophy Research is certified ISO 9001.
  • 2000 Biophy Research receive the approval SRC (Structure de Recherche Contractuelle) by ANVAR, now OSEO.
  • 2001 Biophy Research is rewarded of the “ENTREPRISE INNOVANTE 2001” price.
  • 2002 The company is extended and move to Fuveau (near Aix en Provence).
  • 2003 In order to facilitate the treatment of information obtained through the ToF-SIMS analysis, Biophy Research develop and commercialise a software for data analytics (Multi-Ion ® SIMS).
  • 2005 Founder member of PF Caracterisation CIMPACA (with STM, ATMEL – now LFoundry -, IBS and Aix Marseille Université).
  • 2010 Purchase by Orsay Physics
  • 2012 Installation at Biophy Research of a prototype i-FIB, source FIB high current developed by Orsay Physics