Industrial sectors

Industrial sectors in which Biophy Research steps in and a few examples of applications :

  • Polymers
  • Paints, coatings
  • Healthcare, biomedical
    Packaging, location of active ingredients, biocompatibility of implants, surface contamination
  • Cosmetics
    Analysis of hair, nails, skin …
  • Packaging
    Agrofood packaging, temporary protection films …
  • Textiles
  • Watch making
    Analysis of aspect defaults
  • Microelectronics
    Process control, failure analysis, …
  • Automotive
    Pneumatics, bodywork/paint, optics, …
  • Aeronautics
    Mirors, optics, on-board electronics, …
  • Construction and civil engineering
    Smart glass for buildings, nanomaterials, …
  • Optics
    Surface treatments and deposits (anti-reflective, anti-static, anti-scratches, …)
  • Energy
    Photovoltaic, micro-batteries, fuel cells